Rider (a.k.a. Iskandar, Alexander the Great)

Name: Rider (a.k.a. Alexander the Great, Iskandar)
Series: Fate/Zero
Episode Number: 11
Usual: Best of the local wine shoppe
Favourite dive: Wherever his chariot comes to rest
Type of drunk: jovial, self-assured, argumentative, barroom brawler (in that order)

His story: Here’s a dude (king, psh…whatever) who has conquest in his blood. By the end of his mortal span (Earthly livelihood?), he had THIS much of the world under his control, and that was before there were any planes, motorcars, etc. to help him cross continents. MF traversed Eurasia, the Middle East, and Africa ON FOOT (…and chariot)! Aside from brute force, you know how he got so far and conquered so much? Wisdom via inebriation:

That’s right. Before his opponents’ subordinates were busy putting little figures of warriors on recreations of battlefields, Alex was busy drinking his opposition’s leaders under the table. His adversaries were too drunk the morning after to know they were assigning the all of their forces to Iceland (poor pre-Bjork-sters) and sub-Saharan Africa. And now, resurrected in the 20th century via magic, the dude’s ready to do it all over again!

And why is he a great drinker? Didn’t I just tell you?! Well he qualifies currently, because out of all of those dignitaries and leaders of state who partook of a barrel full of wine as a summons to contest (here: Saber, Archer), it is Rider who defeats, single-handed (minded), the threat to all from multiple foes (Assassin) and walks away triumphant whilst the others stand slack-jawed with awe.


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