Drunken Otaku’s been annexed!

I know, I know, that “Days Off the Wagon” calendar of posts to the right over there looks pretty damned empty, doesn’t it. Don’t worry, I ain’t been sober. I ain’t been lazy. But I have been annexed! This blog started in lieu of my preferred posting platform, Ani-Gamers, which went through a bit of a lull but has since been revived and revamped by Evan Minto (@VamptVo), who asked if I’d be willing to turn Drunken Otaku into a column over there.

And since I’d rather drink than administer (…and edit, and format, and care), this blog will stay up and running with the few bits I managed to post in its short, inebriated lifetime…and maybe feature from time to time a few of the pieces Evan doesn’t want but I’m shameless enough to post. In any case, look to Ani-Gamers for your main source of Drunken Otaku content from now on, which will be at the steady rate of once a month! This month is a Beer Goggles post – Drops of God: First Sip. Cheers! Kanpai! Prost!


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