Ooh, look: a facelift! There’s a new header, some new photos, and a new background! What does that mean? I haven’t the slightest. Over the past 3+ years (holy hell, this joke wasn’t meant to go on that long!), Ani-Gamers has been real good to Drunken Otaku. Not only did Editor-in-Chief Evan Minto tolerate my frequent last-minute and late posts, but he forced me to take Drunken Otaku more seriously than I originally intended. And every single post has been better for that disciplined schedule and encouragement.

The original trading card-esque profiles I intended for Great Drinkers evolved into overly elaborate musings on drinkers’ motivations and consequences. Great Moments in Drinking transformed from picture posts into detailed accounts written through the lens of devil’s advocate or defense attorney. Beer Goggles … well that pretty much went unchanged (save for Evan’s meticulous editing). The stint over at Ani-Gamers also broadened Drunken Otaku’s horizons with a new category, Drinkin’ Buddies, in which I talked to … people. *gasp* Though subject to much more irregular posts than the other categories, Drinkin’ buddies did allow me to interview a Master Saké Sommelier, and hopefully there’s more awesome in the pipeline.

So why this post? Well, I’ve been feeling like my efforts have been funneled into such overly elaborate tales and descriptions that my creative resources for my other, more self-defining, musings are suffering for their need of nurture.  While highlighting implications and exaggerated instances in a medium I’ve come to adore has been wonderful for exploring creative writing in a different vein, I must admit the whole affair feels rather empty in retrospect. I’ve written some good pieces, not at least a few with personal relevance, but that ol’ been there-done-that nagging in the back of my head has grown unbearable.

It’s time to move ahead.

That said, archival of spent effort is a very useful thing. So in the very unlikely instance that you’ve not followed Ani-Gamers for your Drunken Otaku needs, check out the new section with links to all the Drunken Otaku content written for other outlets.


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