Ozeki Yamada-Nishiki

WP_20160418_005Color: Crystal clear.

Body: Medium-full.

Nose: Light lychee, honeysuckle.

Taste: Complex. Medium-sweet; honeydew with a slightly dry finish. When cold, there’s a sharp banana highlight that serves as an odd complement to the elements of nose that are also represented on the palate. As it comes to room temperature, a faint presence of alcohol surrounds the sweetness of the flavors and melts into a dry finish.

Brewery: Ozeki (Imazu, Hyogogo Prefecture)

For the quality, the $20 price tag (Viking Wine & Liquors, NJ) for this tokubetsu junmai is amazingly inexpensive. This sake is very enjoyable slightly warm with sushi and salmon, but I more often prefer to drink the bottle on its own slightly chilled. It should be noted that the banana highlights mentioned earlier disappear when the drink comes to room temperature or when slightly heated, so don’t think twice about pairing it with fish.


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