Gekkeikan Suzaku

Suzaku by Gekkeikan

Suzaku by Gekkeikan

Color: Very clear with, perhaps, the faintest yellow hue.

Body: Medium/Medium-light.

Nose: Light lychee with even more subtle pineapple underpinnings.

Taste: No alcohol presence. Smooth on palate and finish. Notes primarily of green melon and honeydew.

Brewery: Gekkeikan (Fushimi region of Kyoto, Japan)

Unlike Gekkeikan sake from their Folsom, CA brewery typically encountered in domestic liquor stores, Suzaku is a junmai ginjo imported from Japan. This fact marks a drastic difference in taste compared to such domestically brewed brands as Black & Gold and Haiku. Suzaku is a lovely sake best sipped after a good chilling during the summer months. My first time trying this sake was with salmon rolls, and the sake was a perfect complement. Other food pairing recommendations can be found on Gekkeikan’s Suzaku page.


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