White Oak Akashi

Color: Light-medium amber.

Nose: Sharp and caustic with an underlying hint of sweetness as brought by red cherry notes.

Mouth feel: Silky. Medium-full. Only a slight burn on the front sides of the tongue and roof of the mouth.

Taste: Whisky dreaming of fruit. The pine and toffee notes are the most pronounced, while red cherry and orange peel are airy and all but imperceptible to my dull tongue upon first taste but become a little more pronounced as the night goes on (without every becoming fruit salad). There’s no burn in the base of the throat. Instead, there’s a very malty finish and understated spice that breaths the more you do. Bourbon barrel aging is obvious upon first contact with the tongue, while sherry cask aging prominently features in the semi-sweet mellowness of the body.

Distillery: Eigashima (Akashi City)
Born of barley imported from Scotland, a local underground water source, and traditional pot sills, Akashi White Oak Whisky ages in bourbon and sherry casks throughout the summer heat and winter cold of the area. These conditions increase evaporation during maturation but inspire a give-and-take between the wood and whisky. (via)


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