House Rules

With a fondness for watching portrayals of people making assess of themselves via the drink, Drunken Otaku seeks to share that love and make you laugh. This blog will lift its glass to the great drinkers of anime, manga, and video games via character profiles; recall inspiring moments involving characters who over-imbibe; and sloppy, drunken, hopefully humorous reviews of whatever drink-based/-themed media’s in the DVD player, on the computer screen, under a reading lamp, or controlled by hands which have obviously confused a controller for a glass.


While killing brain cells through drink can be fun, Drunken Otaku does not condone the imbibing of alcoholic beverages in excess (or in any other capacity) unless you are of proper age.  Even if you are of proper age, consider yourself warned that drinking in excess can lead to serious injury and health problems as well as unhealthy habits.  That said, reading anecdotes and accounts, supplemented by pictures and video, of fictional characters putting themselves in harms way or making asses of themselves in general is absolutely harmless and hopefully very entertaining.


Say it slowly, so's I can understand ya.

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