from Wakako-zake

from Wakako-zake

While I didn’t start drinking until I was 23 or so, I tried just about everything when I did. I don’t remember what bottle I tried at the time, possibly Gekkeikan’s Haiku, but sake was something decidedly atrocious to my taste buds at the time. YEARS later, after getting used to myriad other spirits, I attended a Japanese alcohol primer panel at an anime convention. The information on sake I gleaned from that session convinced me that I had just tried something foul the first time around. So after many, many years of avoiding it and reading a comic devoted to the topic, I decided to try sake again. It has since become one of my favorite libations. Below, you’ll find (very) brief impressions of different bottles of sake with all the description I’m capable of along with a picture and links to breweries/distributors whenever possible. I’m not an expert, but I might be of service. Kanpai!

Junmai Daiginjo
Pearls of Simplicity

Junmai Ginjo
Setsugetsu Bijin
Rihaku Wandering Poet
Yuki no Bosha
Gekkeikan Suzaku

Tokubetsu Junmai
Niwa no Uguisu Daruma
Ozeki Yamada-Nishiki

Kimoto Junmai

Tozai Living Jewel

Tokubetsu Honjozo
Murai Family

Gokujo Ginjo
Yoshi no Gawa

Flavored Sake
Hana Lychee

Kit Kat (Sake Flavor)