from Paprika

What initially drew me to Japanese whisky was the story behind Nikka’s founder, Masataka Taketsuru. There are so many elements to admire there: tradition defied for adventure, science overtaken by imagination, and, of course, falling in love (with liquor…and a special someone). Romance mixed with recognition when Suntory’s “single malt whisky Yamazaki 1984 won the title of Supreme Champion Spirit at the 15th International Spirits Challenge 2010 (ISC 2010),” and Suntory Liquors itself was named “Distiller of the Year” (via). I’m much less a connoisseur of Japanese whisky than I am of sake, but I have been lucky enough to partake of had a few bottles and can speak to them relative to similar spirits I’ve sampled as distilled elsewhere around the globe.

Single Malt

Hibiki 12 (Suntory)
Hakushu 12 (Suntory)

Blended Malt

Akashi White Oak
Iwai (Shinshu Mars)
Hibiki Harmony (Suntory)
Taketsuru (Nikka)
Toki (Suntori)