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Kit Kat (Sake Flavor)

WP_20160222_004Sake powder infuses this crafty Kit Kat variant with the unique flavor and scent (as well as an ABV of 0.8%)  of a pleasant junmai. I honestly don’t know whether it’s power of suggestion or an actually well-crafted balance, but that subtle sake smell and taste perfectly complement the white chocolate. Even the aftertaste is pleasant; a soft, almost floral, sweetness doesn’t overstay its welcome. As for packaging, there are two options: a 3-pack box featuring a picture of a sake bottle and sakura blossoms, and a 9-piece box SHAPED like an isshobin sake bottle with a picture of the same. (Guess which one I went in for.) This limited edition snack was made available on February 1 (just in time for Craft Sake Week (February 5-14)) in Japan. If you’re quick, you can still grab some on eBay, and I highly recommend you do!


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